About Us

A little BIt About Us

Like most great community projects, Sweet Side of the Moon Bakery and Café is truly a family tradition. It’s the brainchild and passion project of Terry and Malcolm MacLeod, a father and son team that knew deep down it was time for their hometown of Glace Bay and the surrounding communities to have something fresh and different. 

Father and son joined forces to open the bakery in 2017, but the family tradition of serving the community runs far deeper than just a few years. 

We called it The Sweet Side of the Moon to pay homage to Pink Floyd’s iconic album, The Dark Side of the Moon. Great memories of life and adventure with family and friends immediately come to mind, and that album is more than just music. For so many, it’s a soundtrack that will last for all time.

Community First

We’re not just building a business in Glace Bay – we’re from here. This is our family’s hometown, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. We saw the community needed business owners to trust the area could grow again, and attract people back that had to move away just to find work. 

It’s about providing real community support, including training people just entering the workplace and offering support to young entrepreneurs. It takes all of us working together to build not just a better Sweet Side of the Moon, but a brighter future for everyone in Glace Bay and our surrounding communities

That’s our focus: community first, leading the way for small business owners to understand just how unique our town is for so many people.

A Joint Experience

The combined retail storefront, or the cozy dine-in café? We didn’t want you to choose, so we created both! When you walk in, feel free to pick up some goodies to take home with you, or stop in and put life on pause for a little while. 

Can you remember the first time you had a muffin? Warm, soft, and sweet: what’s not to like? Maybe you can’t remember your first muffin, but you can feel free to stop by and enjoy making new memories with us. We think life is way too short to skip the bakery. That’s why we focus on making everyday treats for celebrations large and small. Let us tailor make goodies for any celebration with our fresh bakery items. Our treats are perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, new promotions, retirement parties, or office food exchanges.

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